About Us

Our Approach

Interesting content + Curriculum based + Technology = Effective learning

About The Company

Neema Education Foundation (NEF), founded in 2018, is a Nepal-based ed-tech company dedicated to improving the standard and quality of education through digitization. By combining digital learning with existing learning and training programs, we hope to create a "digital backbone" that makes learning more effective and meets the needs and lifestyles of modern learners. 

Recognizing the need to modernize Nepal's traditional (traditional) learning method, we strive to make a digital impact in the existing education system by combining our Academic expertise with cutting-edge technologies. Our one-of-a-kind LMS system supports our efforts by developing innovative learning solutions in a fun and interactive environment. We intend to use practical, real-life examples to introduce blended learning technology.

Our Vision

 To make quality education affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Our Mission

Make learning interesting for students so that they can,  


Learn 3X Faster

With interesting contents, one can learn subject matters faster.


Understand 3X Efficiently

With interactive learning materials, the efficiency to understand the concepts increases.


Score 3X Higher

With lots of practice materials, there is high chance to score more in exams.

Life at Neema Academy

We are a team of experienced educators, technical professional and other diverse workforce working together on the mission of transform educators and education system of Nepal. 

Need to talk with our Experts?

Book an appointment or contact us at +977-1 4253811, 4242811 or simply email us at support@neemaacademy.com